There are many ways you can help support our community school. Saranac Community School is a non profit. Therefore your donation is tax deductible, keeps dollars in our local community, and supports children in our community. You can send your donation via check to ADDRESS or via SQUARE

Sponsor a child:
If you’d like to provide tuition assistance for a specific child, you can help best by contributing to their monthly tuition bill. We can help connect you with a family who would greatly benefit from your assistance.

Contribute to the tuition assistance fund:
Our goal is to minimize the barrier that tuition may cause for some families. By donating to the tuition assistance fund, you are providing access to our school to a wide community of students in our area.

Contribute to our general fund:
Our general fund covers supplies, overhead costs, maintenance, insurance fees, and much more. By contributing to our general fund, you are helping our community school run smoothly and seamlessly throughout the year.